If you are new to the Handsome Chap site or you are taking your first steps to transforming in to a more stylish and assured man then this is the page to get you started.

First things first

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What Handsome Chap is not.

We are not a fashion site, we have no interest in fashion but concern ourselves more with timeless, masculine style.

And likewise we know very little about up and coming designers or what all the celeb’s are wearing. Yawn.

Naturally, one of the main reasons a lot of guys are looking to step up their appearance is to meet more women, or at least more of the women they are attracted to. Although we sometimes work with dating coaches and the like we have nothing to do with the Pick Up Artist (PUA) community.

The Handsome Chap definition of style.

“Style”  concerns every part of how you present yourself and how you are perceived by others.

The clothes you wear and the way you wear them are a large part of style but there are many other factors that come in to play such as:

Your tone of voice and the way you speak to people.

Your posture and body language….non verbal queue’s people are going to read in to.

The way you go about things in general and how you treat others.

Oh…did we mention manners?….It’s quite impossible to have any style or class without good manners.

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