How to Pull off the Double Denim Look

Is a Double Dose of Denim a Tried and Tested Look or a Style Faux Pas? Answer: It can be both.

Done right its offers a subtle laid back and rugged  look and doesn’t mean looking too much like a cowboy.Starting with the jeans, they should be a classic, simple cut. Straight leg,regular fit, not loose and baggy and not spray on either…unless you are in a boy band or go to art school…and have skinny legs. Make sure the jeans are fitted around your waist but remain comfortable too. See that the trouser leg is not too long with extra folds of denim gathering around your ankles. Shorter guys, avoid putting turn ups in your jeans, in any trousers, they will make your legs look short and stumpy.


Keep your jeans “grown up” too. So no gimmicky extra pockets, zips or oversize logos. Ideally the jeans, the bottom half should be darker than your denim jacket, the top half , so go for dark blue/indigo jeans. The darker the better.

The denim jacket as stated above should be lighter than your jeans. The differing colours add both subtlety and contrast to the look. Considering the fit of the denim jacket, it should be as snug as possible without being too restrictive or obviously too small. The bottom of the jacket should just come to the tops of your trousers, overlapping just a little. Again keep it simple with no unnecessary pockets or zips, the classic Levis jacket will do just fine.

What would you put with double denim?  

Keep the colours simple. A plain white or grey T shirt will serve well, as would a navy polo shirt. So think black, white, grey and navy blue. thats not to say other colours won’t work. As always you can inject a bit of colour in  to any look with accessories and shoes. A colour that would work very well with denim is burgundy. I’m talking about a pair of oxblood brogues or loafers.

You can adapt the double denim style for all seasons too. In the colder months throw a dark navy pea coat over your denim jacket, or in the summer months swap the denim jacket for a denim shirt. The rules on using different shades of denim still apply but of course a denim shirt can be a bit longer than your denim jacket. There are lighter options for warmer weather so look out for linen denim trousers and shirts.

What are your thoughts on double denim?

How do you pull the look off and add your own individual touch?


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