7 Style Mistakes to Turn a Woman Off.

Let’s be honest. One of the main reasons we decide to dress better is to meet more women. Or at least to meet women that we are more attracted to. Sometimes though we may be repelling the women that we are trying (but not too much) to impress.

It’s possible that you may have a blind spot…that you are presenting yourself in a way that does not do you justice and yet you are totally oblivious to.

  1. Bad Shoes.

Expensive shoes do not equate to good shoes. Hence the title “Bad shoes” rather than “Cheap shoes”….which are also likely to be bad. As always the advice to be given with shoes is…..keep them simple, understated, smart and clean. 2. Tatty, unwashed clothes. By coming to meet a woman in worn out, stale or dirty clothes you are implying that she is not worth making the effort for. If you are going to meet a date after work then go home and change first or take a smart, casual jacket in to work so you can change in to it  if you are likely to be pressed for time. You may be attracted to or attracted by women for whom personal appearance and style is not necessarily a deal breaker. Or maybe you are both a bit arty, street, or bohemian? All of this is fine…just don’t confuse it with scruffy, dirty or careless. 3. Overdoing it with cologne/aftershave. This is something that comes up in conversations with women very often. It’s also something I am guilty of myself. Perhaps due to my poor sense of smell I am not able to pick up on the Cologne myself I go too far and splash way too much on. Too much cologne There should just be the slightest hint of fragrance for someone to detect when they are in your very close proximity. Anything more than this is overdoing it. If you still can’t get the balance right then follow my example and leave the cologne alone. 4. Trying too hard. Calm down, relax and be yourself. Yes, make an effort to look your very best but don’t go overboard. Dress in a way that appropriate to your age, not the age of your date (if she is older or younger than you). Overtly showing off how much money you have lavished on your clothes indicates you are unaware money does not buy good taste. 5.Poorly fitting clothes. Surely you cannot be expected to always be turned out in immaculately tailored clothes all the time. When talking about poorly fitting clothes I don’t mean trousers that  are just a little too long in the leg or a jacket that is slightly too snug in the shoulders. builders bum What I am talking about here is trousers with your arse (ass) crack on show or with T shirts that rise up exposing your paunch to the rest of the world. 6. Lack of personal cleanliness. Moving away from clothes and style for a minute. Just as important is how well you look after yourself. Get the basics right first of all. Clean teeth are a must, nobody is going to want to kiss you with a mouth full of rotten teeth or bad breath. Fingernails should be kept short and clean. Stubble is fine but get rid of the hair on the side of your neck, along the collar line.   7. Sports wear. Gym clothes are fine but only in the gym. Sports trainers used for working out or running in rarely look stylish or classy with anything else. Remember when you are getting to know a woman you are aiming to give a good (not false) account of yourself whilst no selling out on who you are. The same applies to other sportswear. Usually its too boldly coloured to look really good on anyone and made from less than fine and comfortable fabric. Keep it for when your either in the gym or cheering your team on.

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  1. rachel

    Love the cologne advice! Now maybe all you gents will follow our handsome chap’s lead and toss the cologne in the trash! Women, as a rule, don’t dig it and then we have to spend too much time in the bathroom scrubbing it off after you’ve just hugged us and btw, we were holding our breath the entire time. Thanks, James.

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