7 Reasons Why Dressing Better Will Make You More Money.

Sex and money.

The two things most men want more of.

Most men don’t really care about style or attach much importance to it. Look around you…that much is obvious.

They are happy to just sling anything together to make sure they blend in with the mish-mash of other guys around them.

Surely we would see many more well dressed men if they were more aware of two benefits of style…sex and money.

We all judge…maybe not openly, but no matter who you are, you have an impression of someone before they even open their mouth.

This is especially true of people when it comes to choosing sexual partners and parting with money.

People have their own deep rooted prejudices.

Perhaps if a guy has a date coming up he may get his act together a bit so that he can form a good impression. Then once familiarity has crept in there’s a good chance he may tend to let himself go.

The same applies to business. A conscientious effort is made for an interview or an upcoming meeting then it’s downhill from there.

So often you see guys going in to work with the standard menu off-the peg suit and poor quality, over designed shoes.

When you see a fella looking refined and suave at work, you really do want to take your hat off to him, if you’re wearing one.

Things have changed to some degree in business and the work place. Companies have dress down days and many organisations have a relaxed attitude to  how their staff are turned out…within reason.

A lot will depend on the industry and culture of your company.

If you are in a young, startup company where creativity and quirkiness reign supreme then turning up in a double breasted blazer and a huge gold rolex may look a bit old school and fuddy-duddy.

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Likewise if you came in to your office in a financial institution dressed in the latest cutting edge fashion you may be viewed as a liability or not taken seriously.

How does style make you more money?

Here are 7 ways style may make you more money:

1. You will be remembered.

Few people know how to dress appropriately, with style but at the same time fitting in with the environment and culture…you are differentiating yourself.Business cards are lost, forgotten or thrown away more often than not.

Perhaps you are the 10th or 20th person to be interviewed or that that person has met that week, or day even.

Make sure you stick in their mind for the right reasons.

2. You are always prepared. You never know who you are going to meet or bump in to. Perhaps you will meet a client. Maybe you may meet someone you have a lot of synergy with and would like to work together in some way?

3. You will feel more confident. This doesn’t just apply to business/work. It applies to dating and all other areas of life too. People will perceive you differently, thus treating you differently…with more respect, interest…that thing you cant quite put a name on. In turn you will feel more confident, more relaxed. Your behaviour reflects this feeling you have…and so people’s admiration for you feels justified.

4. You will be in a more productive mind set. This is especially true for self employed guys or those of you who work from home or on their own. Making more of an effort to put some smart clothes on and look sharp can be part of your energising morning ritual. Moping around in your pyjama bottoms just encourages sloth and laziness.

5. You are going to have more authority. You may well know what you are talking about but if you don’t look the part people may not be prepared to give you a chance. If you don’t have enough savvy to present yourself properly are you allowing clients to feel comfortable in parting with their money?

By looking the part you are providing reassurance.

There is a reason why policemen wear uniforms and doctors wear white coats.

6. You will be considered an asset rather than a liability. Do you look the part? Will your boss or colleagues feel okay about introducing you to other people or will you be an embarrassment? Again it’s about fitting in with your surroundings and matching the values and attitudes of those around you…but standing out at the same time.

7. People will want to be like you. Think about this…leaders always look the part, right? How much easier is life and business too when people want to emulate you and look up to you? Maybe you cause a stir with the women in your office?….Other men will pick up on this. Perhaps you look more distinguished and vibrant than the other men your age?

You see….Its’s not really about the clothes, it’s about the mindset they put you in.

Of course I use the term “business” to mean what you do to put money on the table.. It can relate to how you are perceived by those in your charge, who you employ, your co-workers or those who you may be looking to work alongside.

It also applies to those who work alone or from home.

A word of warning…you still have to come up with the goods. If you are a useless idiot or have an unsavoury character people will sooner or later pick up on this no matter how well dressed you are.

Clothes don’t make you a better person, a better boss or a better co-worker, they just might give you the opportunity to show that you are.

Can you add any other benefits to dressing better? Leave your ideas below…

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  1. Alex

    This post is spot on. I’ve been to a few business meetings where people who don’t look after themselves and their appearance are just not taken seriously. How can you look after a company if you can’t take care of yourself?

    At some point, the CEO of a company told me about how one employee claimed he wanted to lead and be respected by others. The CEO then told me “then he shouldn’t come to work dressed as if he’s going to paint” 🙂

    1. Post
  2. Peter

    Great article. As a law student, I particularly empathise with point number 6. In general, law firms want to know that when they hire you they will be able to put you in front of a client without any worries. Presentation would of course be key here – you absolutely have to look the part.

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